How we think

The foods that are commonly available today often do not achieve the nutritional value we would expect and need. This is often due to production methods with the overuse of chemistry, handling of raw materials, excessive food processing and also the depletion of agricultural land.

Therefore, supplementation of active substances (vitamins, minerals or amino acids) might be beneficial for overall health, especially during illness or transitional phases of life such as he menopause.

What inspires us

Over the centuries, traditional healing drew exclusively from natural resources to restore and maintain human health. It figures that it is also possible to use the wisdom of those methods and recipes right now!

Our ethos is to preserve all active ingredients by using sensible, cutting- edge technologies that carefully process the raw ingredients. Our inter-connected world allows us to research and select the best raw materials globally.

As a result, we are able to offer a wide variety of high-quality natural products using proven combinations of herbs, minerals and vitamins and other beneficial substances. We respect the knowledge of all cultures internationally and the treasures they bring.

Harmony is Life can access the best for you from this rich offer!

Our criteria

  • 100% vegan with pure natural ingredients from proven sources
  • Minimally modified to preserve the valuable nutrients
  • Easily absorbable for maximum efficiency

Our team

We are a team of healthy-lifestyle advocates from different fields of expertise: Medicine, Bio-chemistry, Biology and Nutrition. We are united by the idea of creating completely unique products for people, insisting on quality without compromise. And so people using our products may experience the natural way of maintaining and improving their health holistically day-by-day.

Our quality

Careful selection of our raw materials and their sensitive processing enable us to preserve the nutritional value of all of the final product´s original components. Each step of this process is bound by strict quality guidelines. All of our European partner factories are ISO 22000 and HACCP certified to comply with food safety and quality standards. Every batch is quality controlled at the final production stage. Plus, the high-quality packaging preserves the best quality of our products.

First Class Service

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. If for any reason a product does not meet your expectations, we will immediately replace it or refund the purchase amount (100% money-back guarantee). Your feedback is very important to us to be able to continuously increase quality and so your satisfaction.

We believe that our food supplements can enhance your VITALITY.

We believe that our food supplements can enhance your VITALITY.