Cordyceps: for some natural zing


Cordyceps is a special energizer. Let me share with you my personal experience…

At work one day I felt extremely tired all morning and I wondered if I was going down with some sickness. My whole body was screaming at me to lie down, but that just wasn’t an option. With my energy level at zero I noticed it was only 14:00! Ever had days like that? 

From my herbal pharmacy I took a sample of Cordyceps which has just arrived. I know that the onset of effects of adaptogenic herbs is rather gradual, but I needed a trusted, vegan-based remedy as I had to keep working. Taking the Cordyceps was like drinking living water. It made all the difference and allowed me to finish my shift that day.

Zuzana Kratochvílová, Harmony is Life®

Legend and TCM

According to the legend, the first people who saw the positive effects of Cordyceps or of the caterpillar mushroom were Himalayan shepherds of yaks. They wondered why their herd became suddenly active and alert? It was because the herd grazed with the grass mixed with the fungus Cordyceps sinensis, a mushroom with a great source of energy that’s effective not only for animals.

Cordyceps was already described in ancient Chinese herbariums which are 2000 years old. The very first use of the fungus for medicinal purposes dates back to 620 BC. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) mainly recommended the species Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris to enhance the life energy of qi.

Cordyceps and Caterpillar

The mushroom Cordyceps is a parasite, which has evolved its complicated life cycle in the arid conditions of the Himalayan mountains. The high altitude and harsh climate conditioned a unique way of fungal reproduction. Cordyceps spores attack a certain species of caterpillar, consume it from the inside and gradually fill the mummified envelope with fungi. During the summer months, grass-like spores grow from the caterpillar to the surface. New spores are then released from them, they find another caterpillar and the whole cycle is repeated.

Strain CS-4

In the Himalayas, the mushroom has traditionally been the subject of collection and barter, but increased demand and raids by collectors have raised environmental concerns. Today, Cordyceps is rare in the wild and its price is astronomical. Researchers have therefore developed a way to grow the fungus organically while preserving the original spectrum of active components. And what is more: completely without a caterpillar. The extract from this vegan-friendly alternative is called CS-4.

How exactly is the vegan Cordyceps (CS-4) grown?

Cordyceps CS 4 mushrooms are grown on a nutrient solution that roughly corresponds to the protein content of the caterpillar. Through the process of bio-fermentation, a mycelium grows on the nutrient solution; the substance and quality being almost identical to the wild Cordyceps sinensis.

Our extract CS-4 is also made from this mycelium. The nutrient solution has organic quality. No animals are used in this process to ensure the product is completely animal friendly. It has all the benefits of the original without any animal being harmed. A great solution, right?! It is part of our ethos to make our products available in a vegetarian and vegan form.

Why choose Cordyceps?

Vitality and energy

According to TCM Cordyceps strengthens qi, the essence of life, supporting the element of the kidneys (essence of life) and lungs. The fungus is therefore a source of vitality and life energy. But can we conclude that Cordyceps supplies us with energy, improving endurance and overall resistance to stress?

There was a scientific study of two dozen people aged 50-75. They were divided into two groups. One group was receiving 0.333 g of Cordyceps daily (3 tablets) and the other a placebo. The study was administered for 12 weeks. In conclusion, experts found that Cordyceps improves exercise performance and can contribute to overall well-being in healthy elderly people. [1]

Good news for sports enthusiasts…

Of course, athletes noticed the positive effect of Cordyceps on endurance performance. As the fungi is not on the list of banned substances, Asian athletes use it to increase energy and physical endurance.


Cordyceps belongs to the group of adaptogens because of its harmonizing effects on the body. And the art of surviving in the harsh conditions of the Himalayas can be transferred to man in the form of vitalizing power. Using it gradually increases our body’s resistance to stress reactions and stress levels in general. Cordyceps thus fixes and strengthens internally.

Vitamins and minerals

Valuable polysaccharides, provitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamins C and E, glycoproteins, sterins, L-tryptophan and D-mannitol (Cordycepsic acid) have been found in Cordyceps so far. It takes an important role with nucleoside adenosine, which is essential for energy metabolism.

Cordyceps from Harmony is Life®

At present, the most effective and vegan-friendly extract of the original fungus Cordyceps sinensis is known as CS-4, which we offer in the best organic quality. As a bonus, we enrich it with natural vitamin C from the cherry acerola in order to strengthen the overall immune system.

How about giving yourself Cordyceps to improve your physical condition and refresh your mind?

It works for me!

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