Maca: the Peruvian ginseng

Maca: the Peruvian ginseng

It grows on desolate rocky plains high in the Andes, withstanding its harsh climates. Its plain appearance is deceptive – if you found yourself in these parts, you would probably step over the low plant and move on. It would never occur to you that you had just missed perhaps the most important natural adaptogen and aphrodisiac in one. Maca has a hidden beauty, a rare content that attracts the unceasing attention of contemporary science.

A tough root with mysterious treasure trove

In central Peru, where the earth touches the heavens, the inhabitants live between the peaks of the Andes, at an altitude of about 4000 m above sea level. m. The air is much thinner here and the tree growth is rare. From the light brown soil, local farmers pick up small roots, the roots of green Maca plants. It is then dried in the sun and ground to a powder. They have been doing this for several thousand years. Archaeological excavations in the province of Junín in the central Peru have provided the first evidence that Maca had been an integral part of the local diet, dating back to the period 1900 – 1600 BC. n. l. [1]

In the pantry of the mountain inhabitants

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) contains vitamins B, C and E, copper and iron [2] and is valued for its composition: 29% protein, 29% fiber and a number of carbohydrates. That is why in the demanding climate of the Andes it forms an important component of the diet. In the raw state, Maca tastes similar to potatoes, it is pungently sweet with a caramel aftertaste. The Incas valued Maca not only for its nutritional value, but also for its healing properties.

Maca for women

Maca has a very positive benefit for women, as it contributes to a smoother menstrual cycle and overall hormonal balance. [3]


Maca has a stimulating effect on intimate experience in women and sustains hormonal stability. As we already know with taking natural supplements, the onset of their effects gradually increases (4-6 weeks). However, that’s all to the good as the effect is all the more permanent. We can say that Maca gradually deepens erotic sensitivity and therefore it is often referred to as an aphrodisiac for women. [4]


On average, around the age of 47, women start the menopause with the natural loss of the hormone estrogen. An integral part of it is the gradual end of the menstrual cycle. This can be a complex mental and physical phase. There may be a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as sleep problems, hot flushes, irritability and sudden mood swings. And these are the states that Maca has a positively help to harmonize. [5][6]

After menopause

Pilot studies show that taking 3.5 g of Maca a day reduces anxiety and depression in women. At the same time – and independent of hormonal changes in the body – postmenopausal women are less prone to sexual dysfunction due to the Maca. Last but not least, Maca can lower diastolic (lower) blood pressure, as shown by a Chinese study published in 2015. [7][8]

Sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressants

Antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction in women is a common complication in the treatment of patients with mood disorders or anxiety. It is reported by more than half of patients. Based on the administration of 3 g of Maca a day, it has been found that it also helps women alleviate these problems. [9]

Maca for men

If you look for information about Maca, you will come across the term sexual herb of the Incas. Maca is also important for men, because scientific studies have shown an improvement in sexual function in them as well. In addition, Maca contains a natural form of taurine, which affects overall endurance and increases energy.  Clinical studies have shown that use of Maca also increases sperm count and mobility. [10]

A study published in 2009 followed fifty men with a mild form of erectile dysfunction for 12 weeks. One group of patients received powdered Maca extract (2.4 g) daily and the other received a placebo. The researchers checked the condition of the patients at the beginning and after the end of the testing. They found that Maca had a positive effect on the subjective perception of the overall sexual well-being of men with mild erectile dysfunction. So we can safely say that Maca increases sexual desire in both men and women. [11]

Maca and stress

Maca is one of the adaptogens that the body uses to better withstand stressful situations and become more resistant to them. Stress means flushing out the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, increasing heart rate and blood flow in the blood vessels, shortening the breath, and so on. The action of adaptogens weakens the reactions and calms the organism. In this respect, maca brings mental and physical relief to both women and men.

Maca of Harmony is Life®

Maca of Harmony is Life® gives you the opportunity to correct problems caused by stress, prevent mood swings caused by menopause by adjusting hormonal balance and help men with mild erectile dysfunction.

Are you attracted to the sensual power of Peruvian ginseng?

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