Magnesium: the energy giver

Magnesium: the energy giver.

Magnesium: the energy giver

Do you experience irritation, nervousness, back muscle tension, fatigue, or slower reactions? A possible cause could be long-term Magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is present in only 25g in every human body. It would seem to be too little. However, Magnesium is one of the cornerstones of the metabolism and energy management of the human body:

  • together with potassium it is essential for cell function
  • together with calcium it is essential for the formation of healthy bones and teeth
  • the construction of muscle mass and the proper function of skeletal and heart
    muscle is directly dependent on the correct level of Magnesium in the body
  • normal nervous system function and signal transmission are unthinkable without

Magnesium is one of the seven essential micro-minerals that carry out more than 300 enzymatic processes. These 7 micro-minerals must be replenished daily with a 100mg dose. The right level of Magnesium is synonymous with vitality, health and the ability to perform both mentally and physically.

Magnesium is broken down by the kidneys, sweat glands, through the digestive tract during sports and enormous stress. Its consumption increases significantly during the period of growth, pregnancy and lactation.

Proven and reliable sources are legumes, whole grain seeds, paddy rice and green leafy vegetables containing chlorophyll. If the body cannot obtain it this way, it is necessary replenish its level artificially through existing food supplements.

Magnesium supplementation must take into account all the factors that apply to the intake of Magnesium from food. Stomach acidity, alkalinity of the intestinal pore or drugs taken by humans and their effect on the pH of the intestine as well as the health of the intestine.

Magnesium of Harmony is Life®

A suitable food supplement should be one composed of several different Magnesium salts to maximise its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. We have therefore created a beneficial food supplement that meets the following criteria: it contains various Magnesium salts with Boron. This helps to increase effect of Magnesium, and Taurine, which speeds up the metabolism and thus the rate of the absorption.

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