Myrrh: fragrant beauty and durability


The characteristic scent of myrrh has accompanied humanity for millennia and is embedded in our mythology. Commiphora Myrrha is one of the primary trees used in the production of myrrh, its resin made from dried tree sap. Native to the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, its white flowers bloom among the thorny branches that ensure its survival. The discerning recognise its many beneficial properties and appreciate the scent of its sap.

Dioscorides and Avicenna

One of the greatest works of ancient Greece is called De Materia Medica and its author is the physician and botanist Dioscorides (40-90 AD). The five-volume encyclopedia on herbs has served as a source of information for healers and herbalists for 1,500 years. Here we find some of the first evidence of the positive effects of myrrh. Dioscorides recommends it for coughs, chest pain and kidney disease. It can also be used against hoarseness and bad breath, intestinal worms or gingivitis. And last but not least, it helps to heal painful wounds on the skin.

The effects of myrrh were described even more thoroughly by the Persian philosopher, physician and polymath Avicenna (980-1037 AD), probably the most important physician of the Middle Ages. In the second book of his magnificent Canon of Medicine, he mentions myrrh in great detail. He considers the ability to treat stomach problems to be the most important benefit of myrrh and describes a positive effect on digestion and flatulence. Commiphora calms the stomach, but according to Avicenna, it is also suitable for improving the quality of hair, has a healing effect on scars and relieves bad breath. It is also useful to apply myrrh to wounds and also to treat ulcers.

Myrrh with iron will

Wild and unfettered. Rude and indomitable. In this sense could we see the essence of the myrrh. The tree, which grows in arid areas of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and India, has gained an unshakable position in the history and culture of modern people. It loves direct sunlight and lets its roots into the soil even at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level. Intuitively the plant knows where to successfully grow. Lonely trees in a rocky landscape are able to release up to 1 kilogram of fragrant resin per year. All you have to do is cut the bark less than an inch deep and sap will start to flow from the inside. The drops are a maximum of one centimeter in size and after solidification have a reddish-brown colour.

Versatile myrrh

Why is myrrh considered to be so beautiful? There are many answers. The unique quality of its fragrant substances is prized for its various uses. There is beauty in endurance of the tree itself; its small white flowers flourishing among thorns in an arid landscape.

The resins were used by our ancestors to protect themselves from evil gods, mixing it with incense for better tolerability; smoking their sacred spaces with it. Its an astringent, once used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming their honored dead, preserving their bodies for the after-life.

As a product we can use, myrrh resin has relaxing and harmonizing effects on the human body. It can be applied as an essential oil, in ointment or leaves. And that’s probably why myrrh’s good reputation has stood the test of time.

The beginnings of Christianity

The Wise Men from the East who followed the star to greet the new ruler brought gifts with them. They were the most precious things the world offered at the time – gold, incense and myrrh. Three commodities that were amongst the most expensive and valuable. The gifts also had a spiritual dimension. Incense and myrrh were often more valuable than gold, and their scents accompanied spiritual ceremonies and rituals. The presence of myrrh has an unshakable sense something sacred in the human mind. Myrrh and incense. They belong together.

Myrrh from Harmony is Life®

Our company understands tradition and has prepared a premium mixture of myrrh and incense for you. Myrrh from Harmony is Life® is collected in Oman as is our first-class incense. Their long history confirms the power of these natural products. We ensure the freshness of the raw materials in the production of our capsules. This enables a sense of peace and harmony to the whole body, which is confirmed by our clients.

Myrrh has gone through the history of our civilization without blemish and, to the best of our knowledge, has all the prerequisites to help people in the 21st century. Her strength will surprise you.

Will you allow myrrh to make your daily routine special?

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