Products for Spring

As we move into the Spring cycle and its new beginnings, we take a fresh look at where we are and what we want for our lives. Essential to that is having a great vitality to live our potential to the max. A healthy lifestyle, nutritional food and healthy food supplements can help us achieve our goals in 2022.

Here are some recommendations to put a spring in your step:


For a vitality boost and improved circulation

L-arginine is an indispensable protein building block which our body needs for:

  • blood vessel health and blood-pressure regulation
  • muscle growth
  • immunity response
  • kidney health
  • blood-sugar-regulation

The amino acid L-arginine is a natural precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO). This is important because NO is as a gas messenger that dilates the blood vessels to improve the blood flow and regulate blood pressure naturally. L-Arginine (or NO) also helps the oxygen and energy supply to your brain, which might sharpen the cognitive performance in focus, memory and perception.

Another benefit with this miraculous amino-acid is that it helps the formation of white blood cells responsible for a good immunity response. As the quality of the blood is improved and its circulation, this will be of benefit to your well-being.

Our L-Arginine Plus product contains l-arginine complemented with a great portion of Vitamin C for your overall energy.

Coenzyme Q10

Healthy cells = anti-aging regeneration

Coenzyme Q10 is the key for activating the energy-flow in cells and contributes to higher energy levels. Free radicals which are being constantly created within cellular mitochondria are made harmless with the aid of CoQ10. This enables mitochondria to receive protection against the oxidative damage that causes the aging process. Q10 intake will naturally restore the zing that declines when we pass our 30’s.

Included in our Q10 Product is Alpha Lipoic Acid and Oleuropein, other elements with anti-oxidative capacity that supports better cell function.


The wisdom of 5000 thousand years

This highly treasured gold of India has been used in Ayrveda as a strong anti-inflammatory agent for thousands of years. As an important spice it is being used daily, not only in India but also all around the world.

We offer this in a highly bioavailable form of Curcugreen ® extract. This extract enables an excellent resorption of Curcuminoids and precious etheric oils of curcuma root within your body. Our product is enriched with a good portion of Vitamin C and Selenium for boosting the immune system. Vitamin C has proven benefits with iron absorption to lessen fatigue.

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