Reishi: the superior one

Reishi is one of the most valuable food supplements in the Far East, known as “the most famous of all”. This adaptogen has many benefits. It is used for strengthening the immune system, to ease mental discomfort or provide an adjustment of hormonal fluctuations during menopause. The mushroom famous as Reishi we can also find growing in Europe, but her fame came from the experience of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine.

The herb of Gods

Reishi belongs, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, to the highest category of God’s herbs; an honour reserved for only a few plants with completely exceptional qualities.

Reishi contains proteins, vitamins and many minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, copper or germanium (organic germanium plays a positive role in the fight against cancer). [1][2]


The oldest mention of Reishi comes from the period of the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huangtie of the Qing Dynasty (221-207 BC). Originally, due to its rarity, Reishi was intended only for the emperor and his court. Its exceptional position is also testified by preserved objects of art: images of Reishi can be found in paintings carved into antlers, furniture and woven into carpets. [3] Through Chinese medicine, literature, and the arts, the Reishi echo has spread to Europe and North America.

Thousands of names

The benefits of using Reishi extracts have been known for 4,000 years. They are passed down from generation to generation and by reputation, Reishi brings happiness, good health, longevity, and even immortality. [4] The word Reishi comes from Japanese and means “mushroom of the gods”. In Chinese, it is called lingzhi, which can be loosely translated as the “divine mushroom of immortality”.

The world of Reishi

Reishi is an economically important crop especially in China, Japan and Korea. It grows on deciduous trees or stumps (oak, beech, plum) in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.

The fungus has a hard, high-gloss fruiting body in the shape of a fan or kidney, with a reddish base. The upper part of the younger fruiting bodies is usually light yellow, then orange and red tones begin to permeate until the fruiting body becomes mahogany. It is perfectly ripe and suitable for harvesting from May to October.

Bioactive ingredients

More than 300 studies have been published about Reishi which dealt mainly with its composition or other species. The fruiting bodies, mycelia and spores, according to these studies, contain approximately 400 different bioactive compounds. These are, for example, triterpenes, polysaccharides, nucleotides, sterols, steroids or fatty acids (ganodermic, ganolucide and lucidic). [5]

Why to use Reishi?

Immune system

A vide array of polyssacharids (betaglucans) and triterpenes contained in Reishi significantly support the immune system. Reishi stimulates the immune cells, such as macrophages, T-cells, which create cytokines (signaling proteins of the immune system). [6]

Reishi acts synergistically with the immune system and so the organism tolerates any disease better and with less consequences. This may also apply to the viral diseases we are currently experiencing (Covid-19). [7]

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Reishi increases the oxygen saturation of the blood and thus the oxygen saturation of the heart muscle. It counteracts the formation of blood clots and protects blood vessels. Reishi also promotes blood formation in the bone marrow. [8]

Inflammation and allergies

Reishi can work as an anti-inflammatory in the body [9],  its strength is at the level of the hormone cortisone, without any serious side effects. At the same time, it alleviates allergies as it can suppress histamine overproduction. [10]


Reishi is one of the adaptogens, so it calms the whole organism and helps it to adapt to unexpected situations that cause a stress response. Adaptogens make us stronger and more resistant.

Lung diseases

Reishi extracts are traditionally used in chronic bronchitis. They support the regeneration of bronchial endothelial cells and in asthma and cough. [11]

Nervous diseases

Reishi helps with all types of nerve diseases and supports the regeneration of damaged nerve cells. As an important antioxidant, it also has a preventive effect. [12]

Reishi from Harmony is Life®

Our extract is prepared from of organic-quality mushrooms grown in China. The owners of the farm select only fully ripe fruiting bodies in which the maximum amount of bioactive substances have already accumulated. Dried and ground mushrooms are leached with hot water, because Reishi has a solid chitin coating from which valuable polysaccharides and other active substances must be extracted. The activity of the substances in the extract is about 20 times more effective than in the raw Reishi powder. For an optimum effect, we supplement the extract with natural vitamin C from Acerola (Barbadian cherry).

Do you indulge in care previously reserved only for emperors?

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