Spirulina Detox

Spirulina: The power algae for vitality & life energy

Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis) is a blue-green freshwater algae, rich in valuable nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals, proteins and chlorophyll. It is very popular with cleansing cures, especially in spring and autumn.

What can spirulina do?

  • cleanses your body naturally
  • supports the elimination of toxins
  • cleanses your intestines to ensure greater well-being

Spirulina Detox from Harmony is Life®

Harmony is Life® produces 100% natural, compact and high-quality tablets for you from this natural wonder, which are gently pressed layer-by-layer at room temperature in order to preserve the entire variety of valuable substances of this “power algae”.

Are you ready to pay more attention to yourself and start the autumn with Spirulina from Harmony is Life®?

We recommend:

  • START: autumn 2021
  • DURATION: two weeks
  • FOOD: two warm vegetable meals a day (vegetables with rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.). Take 3-5 pieces of Spirulina with enough water before each meal (it would be even better to suck a few tablets before swallowing them)
  • DRINK: drink enough fluids to support you. Water and teas are very suitable (e.g. fennel, cardamon, coriander seeds, or cinnamon)
  • OTHER: avoid alcohol, coffee and sugar

Exercise yoga or any other favourite sport of your choice regularly!

This “detox cure” is a journey of discovery in itself. Pay more attention to yourself and you will be rewarded many times over.

Your Harmony is Life® team

Will you take some time out for yourself and listen to your body?

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